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Discovia returns 27-30 June 2024

Discovia 2022 is over. If you are inspired to join us for the 2nd edition in June 2024 please leave your details here:

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A journey of personal growth, deep human connection and celebration.

Discovia is a Summit event of personal development, self-discovery and self-expression for the iDiscover community. A long weekend of inspiring and enriching content curated, created and shared by the members of our community.

A collaborative effort with talks, showcases, panels, discussions, workshops, games, activities, dining experiences, musical performances, art installations, and dance.

The content will explore all the seven areas of life relevant to human development.


"This conceptual gathering of extraordinary individuals is a personal dream I have had for many years and an integral part of the iDiscover vision" - Gal Stiglitz.

Bringing all of our community members to one place, where they can, meet, connect and play will be a dream come true. My aim is that this event will give birth to as many new connections and collaborations as possible.

This date of the event is also the birthdate of iDiscover and will mark our 8th year anniversary. We invite you to join the celebration.


Château du Feÿ
A beautiful castle in the heart of Burgundy, France.

Château du Feÿ, built in the 17th century, is one of France’s historical monuments. It is located in the heart of the Bourgogne region, plunging into the Yonne Valley. Nestled into its own private forest, the 400-year old Château du Feÿ enjoys the best views of the Yonne Valley, including the Yonne river and the surrounding impossibly picturesque villages. Its fairytale atmosphere transforms any experience into a memorable one. Its outstanding natural ambience and authentic antique flavour, make it the ideal venue for our community's gathering.

An HOURLY shuttle from/to the closest train station in Joigny and the Château du Feÿ is available to all guests. For more information please see the FAQ

Chateau Map@2x

The Château is easy to get to, 150km from Paris,
or a 90min train trip from central Paris.


The event starts on Friday, May 27th at 9AM and ends on
Monday, May 30th at 3PM.

EARLY ARRIVALS from Thursday 26th at 3PM.


iDiscover Alumni & Friends Only

You can expect an extraordinary group of people from different walks of life, industries and cultures who share a deep passion for personal development, self-discovery and self-mastery. People who are taking the lead in making this World a better place to live in. All participants will be invited to share their experiences and insights during the event.


The event will have limited availability and priority will be given to iDiscover Alumni and their plus-ones. We will subsequently give priority to close friends and family members of Alumni who value personal development and/or to members of other communities we collaborate with. We will also offer limited spots to personal development enthusiasts who are outside of the above circles and would be keen to join us.

Music Lineup - The Musical Journey

We have curated some of the most interesting musical talents from a diversity of genres and cultural backgrounds to create the most fascinating, joyful and enriching musical experience. Every day in Discovia will give us an opportunity to explore a different musical dimension, from jazz, folk and indie, to rock, ambient and electronic. Their task will be to seduce you to open your mind and heart to immerse yourself fully with their tale of rhythm and awe. We will keep updating the lineup as we get closer to the event, and you can expect some surprises.

Jungle By Night A

For more than ten years, Jungle by Night has been heating up dancefloors with their cross-cutting music at over 600 festivals and stages in 34 countries. 

The nine-headed instrumental collective released six albums putting the language of their analog instruments first, making people dance on rhythms and grooves inspired by krautrock, dance, jazz, and funk. With its unique sound, Jungle by Night plays for any crowd: from jazz, to pop and from dance to hip hop. 

The corona crisis wiped an agenda full of shows clean. To keep the spirits high, the band released an album with Live Recordings of their previous tour. As part of the ‘new normal’ they gave an exclusive live stream concert at Paradiso Amsterdam. Jungle by Night didn’t sit still and worked hard to find new ways of creating music from home. On 11 September, one of their newly created singles was released; Unlimited Love. In spring of 2021, Jungle by Night performed a number of Fieldlab-concerts in preparation for their autumn tour to celebrate the release of their upcoming album ‘Algorhythm’. When the clubs and festivals reopen, the band is ready to take live music to a new level.


Unders A

"Music unveiled my perception, it catalyzed me into an awakening."

Unders has been a passionate ambassador of the global dance community for decades, and has brought tunes like ‘Syria’ onto the electronic world's global stage. He has been invited to play in clubs, festival stages and residencies, like Robot Heart & Mayan Warrior at Burning Man, Fusion Festival in Germany, Awakenings in Amsterdam, Woomoon in Ibiza, and Akasha & Katerblau to name but a few. He also co-creates, plays and produces with names such as Acid Pauli, Satori, Mira, Boy George, Trentemoller, Booka Shade, Ame, Audiofly, Be Svendsen, Patrice Baumel, Guy Mantzur, Nick Warren, Sasha, and Henrik Schwarz among others. Unders is also a co-founder of Happy Camper Records that is committed to translate love and togetherness into musical bliss. It is his peaceful way to reclaim freedom and make a contribution of consciousness to the music community.

Unders is always in a quest for new horizons, cultures, faces, and places on all continents, where the thousands of heartbeats he plays for, mix into a symphony. In his words "no matter where I'm standing in the world, it is the moment my fingers are spinning the decks and I am eye gazing at an ocean of humans that I feel: home." It is this collective vibration that inspires the diversity and depth of the music he offers. Every track he creates is an alchemy of notes charged with intentionality to spread joy, raise the collective vibration, and connect to something that cannot be seen or touched, but can be felt. Allow him to speak to your heart in a wordless language: through his music.


Parallells A

Julien and Thomas de Bie, grew up influenced by jazz and classical music. Based in Amsterdam, the two brothers of Dutch origin travel the world enriching themselves with the latest trends and different cultures. With unique, individual personalities, they share a common love for creation and compose in true symbiosis.

With their distinctly unique style and approach, Julien and Thomas regularly explore unusual places where they capture all kinds of sounds and transform them into pieces of electro music. A wood factory, a hospital, a workshop, a ski resort, an airport, a greenhouse and even the kitchen of a restaurant was once their creative playground, where the sounds of cutlery or the rustling of plants inspired their creativity.


Felix Raphael A

Felix's love of music was already born in his cradle. As a little boy his mother took him to singing lessons and he discovered his fascination for singing. Musically it went on and he learned various instruments. As a singer in some bands he could gain stage experience. A few years ago electronic music finally gripped him and he became interested in Djing. In the beginning the whole thing was limited to DJing and mixing, but the deeper he immersed himself in this music, the more the thought of producing his own music and implementing his own ideas, which were romping around in his head, strengthened.

At first a little reserved in the combination electro and vocals, the interplay of electronic beats and his voice is his trademark. His style is not easy to put in a drawer. All in all his sound can best be described as Deep House with a strong tendency towards Arabic and Afrohouse elements. But the most important thing for him is... ... a lot of melody and harmony. Through his musical past the urge to live music has prevailed over time. Meticulously, a live set and performance was developed, in which he exclusively paired his own productions with live singing and percussion.


Chambord A

Chambord is a talented duo of DJs & producers. Their musical universe is eclectic: melodious sounds influenced by world music but also more electronic and hypnotic atmospheres.
These music lovers based in Paris have already proven themselves in France and internationally throught dj sets and lives performances in festivals, nightclubs, private events. They communicate through their music a warm energy, a unique vibe, making each set an special journey. During their musical projects, they’ve collaborated with renowned artists such as
Blond:ish, Sabo, Robbie Akbal, Maga, Pablo Fierro, Carlita, Derun, Wild Dark.


Nadav Dagon A

Nadav Dagon, is an instrumentalist and a percussion fanatic, a drumtek musician and producer of electronic music, gives a dynamic LIVE techno set, playing only with his drums and a set of samplers, creating an endless playground filled with deep sounds and a delicious bass.

Nadav grew up in the green township of Kibbutz Beit-Oren, located on the top of the Carmel Mountain, were music was a big part of his daily life. His deeper relationship with music started when he turned 16 years old and he started to play in professional bands in Israel. With a percussionist father and a musical family – music and the instruments were there all the time. Nadav Dagon brings us his latest musical project and takes us on a trip through his tribal beats and electronic samples, exhibiting powerful, mind blowing performances where he plays all of his music live.

Nadav Dagon

Theo Bard A

London-based singer, songwriter and producer Theo Bard has cultivated his unique style and sound by immersion in the rich and eclectic music scene he finds around him in the capital. Over the last few years the artist has developed his music on the road, arriving with nothing but a laptop and a carload of instruments, crystallising his experiences into song form before moving on to pastures new.

With instant hits like 'KING', 'Rhythm in the Night', and 'One Move' in the album 'Now I Am King' (2021) his glossy, upbeat melodies embrace both live and electronic soundscapes. His work is a breathless splurge of musical ideas and an ode to innovation with experimental textures and synth leads. The guitar-toting folk singer of 2012 has mutated into an accomplished producer in 2021, working from his new studio in North London. The artist is showing he has a hook for every occasion - best exhibited at his unforgettable live shows.



Ohxala is the musical project of Maria & Luis. The portuguese duo explores a thematic cut with focus on Iberic, Brazilian and African cultures. Inspired by the strong foundation of popular and ancient rhythms, their music is full of field recordings, blending tradicional ethnic folk elements with contemporary electronic music.


Collectiva A

COLECTIVA explores the spaces between Afro-Latin music and Jazz while reflecting on themes of sisterhood and female empowerment.

Blending wild horn lines with Afro-Latin groove and experimental textures, COLECTIVA’s thoughtful arrangements are rooted in the sounds of Africa, Latin America and the diaspora, creating a genre the group have affectionately dubbed jazz tropicaliente (hot-tropical-jazz).

Their debut single, Under The, written in collaboration with jazz pianist Maria Grapsa and released in April 2021, received huge global radio plays and DJ support.

Winners of the Latin UK Awards, ‘Best Alternative Act 2019 and Yolanda Drake Award 2021.



The NEXUS Trio bring you an uplifting and energetic mix of melodic techno paired with indie, tribal and ethnic beats. Their sets can be described as melodic in the build up, explosive and euphoric on the peak, mean reverting and deep in the build down. Lucian, Maxime and Lucas teamed up in 2019 to create the NEXUS collective. Their complementary experience of playing native instruments created the musical foundation for the collective to combine and leverage their experience and skillset. This blends into one significant advantage playing together - the six hands allow for detailed layering and mixing throughout their musical journey which is enriched by live overlays and binaural frequencies.



The German Syrian band Shkoon released their long-awaited debut album “Rima” in December 2019, followed by a huge album tour. Their music is a message for cultural diversity. But the band is more than a German Syrian live act with arabic lyrics.

In addition to their own lyrics, the band is using old traditional music elements of the Arab community, such as Syrian folklore, which today is more relevant than ever. In their sets, oriental melodies partner up with occidental electronic.

Shkoon creates an atmosphere filled with texture and spice and takes their listener to new spheres. The album is situated between influences of electronic downbeat, deep house, dub and hip-hop. Piano, violin, synthesizers, percussions and vocals merge with oriental melodies and western electronic beats. The listener will be taking on a journey that blurs the boundaries of cultures.


Stereo A

Stereo Underground has the excellence as his primary weapon and that’s what makes him one of the most in-demand artists on the progressive house and melodic techno scene today. This cutting-edge TelAviv-based producer, composer and educator shared the booth with John Digweed, LeeBurridge, GuyJ, Danny Howells, Hernan Cattaneo & manymore..

Stereo underground


GALLiVANTER is an underground DJ & musical messenger. His unique storytelling sound is a rocking journey of electronic & organic house music. The intention & message behind the joy givers set is always a Clan celebration. His sets are sophisticated & energetic, curated & inspired by cultures he has interacted with whilst gallivanting around the globe.


Donja A

“Roads trio“ is a band born from their love for the Music of Greece, and specially the Islands!
Recreating Songs, dances and stories from Greek tradition and keeping it alive, with Thodoris Ziarkas on Lyra and voice, Nikos Ziarkas, on Lute and voice and Dunia Botic on percussion and vocals.

Dunja Botic

Jehanne A

Jehanne Drai started playing the harp by improvising with Daniel Perret at the age of 8.

She holds a gold medal in harp from the Regional Conservatory of Bordeaux, and a harp and classical & contemporary chamber music medal of honors, with the congratulations of the city of Bordeaux. She is regularly invited to national orchestras such as the Philharmonic Orchestra of Strasbourg and the National Orchestra of Bordeaux Aquitaine among others, and is a titular harpist in the Secession Orchestra, playing in world premieres. She has performed solo several times across the world, covering a wide breadth of musical styles, from Indian music and Bollywood, with local musicians in India, to oriental music during a tour in Palestine. In Paris she also accompanies slammers and circus artists at the Atelier du Plateau and in jam sessions.

Jehanne has recorded a Celtic music CD with Daniel Perret called “Blue Planet Sound”, as well as a solo harp CD titled “Entrelacs”.
Holder of the State Diploma of harp teacher, she also teaches at the Conservatory of Courbevoie.

Jehanne Drai

Content Lineup - The Learning Journey

We have curated some of the most interesting and inspiring speakers and workshop leaders, so you can enrich yourself in all of iDiscover’s seven areas of life. The content will be delivered in the most experiential and playful way in the form of interactive talks, Q&A’s, show-cases, activities and workshops.

Johann Hari Aab

Johann Hari is the author of three New York Times best-selling books and the Executive Producer of an Oscar-nominated movie and an eight-part series starring Samuel L. Jackson. His books have been translated into 38 languages, and been praised by a broad range of people, from Oprah to Noam Chomsky, from Elton John to Naomi Klein.

His latest book, ‘Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention’, was published in January 2022, and received rave reviews everywhere from the Washington Post to the Irish Times to the Sydney Morning Herald. It has been a best-seller on three continents.

Johann’s first book, ‘Chasing the Scream: the First and Last Days of the War on Drugs’, was adapted into the Oscar-nominated film ‘The United States Vs Billie Holiday’. It has also been adapted into a documentary series which is available to view now.

His second book, ‘Lost Connections: Uncovering The Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions’ was described by the British Journal of General Practice as “one of the most important texts of recent years”, and shortlisted for an award by the British Medical Association.

Johann’s TED talks have been viewed more than 80 million times. The first is named ‘Everything You Think You Know About Addiction is Wrong’. The second is entitled ‘This Could Be Why You Are Depressed or Anxious’.

He has written over the past decade for some of the world’s leading newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, the Spectator, Le Monde Diplomatique, the Sydney Morning Herald, and Politico. He has appeared on NPR’s All Thing Considered, HBO’s Realtime With Bill Maher, The Joe Rogan Podcast, the BBC’s Question Time, and many other popular shows.

Johann Hari

Liza A

Liza Tullidge is a serial entrepreneur, investor + advisor focused on reengineering business + individuals to build a better future. She is the founder of Maven + Co, a strategic growth and regenerative capitalism consultancy committed to building a better planet 1% everyday. To deliver on that commitment, Liza and the Maven + Co team are reverse engineering the cause: To build a better future, we need better businesses. To build better businesses, we need more conscious leaders. Liza is out on a mission to change the core of capitalism as we know it.

Liza also launched Maven Made, a community and podcast designed to help entrepreneurs, executives and business leaders optimise their mindset, performance, and impact in their business, lives, and community at large.

Maven & Co

Andy C Ab

Andrew Craig is a best-selling finance author, Founder of personal finance website Plain English Finance and Investment Manager of the VT PEF Global Multi-Asset Fund.
Andrew’s stated mission with Plain English Finance is "To improve the financial affairs of as many people as possible…”

His first book, “How to Own the World” has been No.1 rated on Amazon in categories such as Pensions, Investments and Personal Finance for much of the last few years and currently enjoys more than 2,000 reviews across Amazon, Audible and Goodreads.

Since founding Plain English Finance in 2011, Andrew has appeared in numerous national and specialist financial publications including: The Mail on Sunday, The Mirror, CityAM, The Spectator, Shares and MoneyWeek magazines, YourMoney, This Is Money and Money Observer. He has been interviewed on Bloomberg and Shares Radio and on IG TV, was featured in Russell Brand and Michael Winterbottom’s 2015 film “The Emperor’s New Clothes” and interviewed by Eamonn Holmes for the Channel 5 programme “How the other half live”.

From January 2015 to May 2021, Andrew was a partner at an investment bank specialising in biotechnology and life sciences, WG Partners LLP. His next book, “Our Future is Biotech” seeks to explain in accessible language how the biotech industry is set to change our world in the relatively near future and for years to come.

Plain english finance

Elena c A

Elena Corchero is an award-winning technology designer and futurist in the area of meaningful innovation, focusing on sustainability, ethics and gender equality. With over 15 years of experience in technology R&D. Elena started her career as an Industrial Designer in Germany, then became a researcher at MIT Media Lab Europe on smart materials, biometrics and wearables. She pursued her Design Masters at Central Saint Martins and most recently studied AI Ethics at Harvard. 

She is currently Dow Jones Live’s Director of Emerging Tech and Innovation, creating the experiences and services required for the new hybrid world, the metaverse and Web 3.0 economies. As an independent consultant she advised and created prototypes for renowned brands, institutions and artists like Ericsson, Audi, Olympic Games and Childish Gambino. As a researcher she developed and brought to market 3 lifestyle brands integrating smart materials into cyclist fashion, smart jewelry and educational toys teaching electronics to girls, which won her awards such as the Royal Pitch@Palace and Top3 Innovator of the year women in Tech.

Her speaking portfolio includes TEDx and MIT Technology Review. Her prototypes and artistic technology concepts have been exhibited and featured worldwide in museums, books and publications including Elle magazine, BBC news, CNBC and Boston Science Museum.


Charles A

Charles Emmerson is a writer and historian based in London. He is the author of three books, including Crucible: The Long End of the Great War and the Birth of a New World (2019), about the radical, revolutionary years following the First World War. He was previously Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House and an Associate Director at the World Economic Forum. In 2014 he presented a radio documentary Out of Armenia, about the Armenian diaspora, for the BBC. He is currently working on a number of new writing and media projects.


Amrita A

Amrita is the founder of Freedom School which brings together the best of evidence-based practices, neuroscience and ancient wisdom to help people move from surviving to thriving. Freedom School wants to help people understand how to live with more freedom through resilience and mindset programmes. She teaches breathwork, meditation and yoga and is currently training in Somatic Stress Release™. She has also trained in the science of wellbeing and embodied neuroscience with UC Berkeley Greater Good Science Center and the University of Pennsylvania. Freedom school was set up to make us all a little bit wiser, and live with more joy.

Freedom School

Sarah w Ab

Sarah Wu is a passionate educational curator, facilitator and mentor dedicated to adult learners of all backgrounds. A representative for Mother Nature as a writer and teacher of Deep Ecology, Therapeutic Ecology and Whole Systems Design shared through the lens of Herbalism and Permaculture.

She has 21 years studying and practicing the science, art and craft of Planetary Eclectic Herbal Medicine. Her foundation is in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Wise Woman Traditions, actively practicing clinical herbalism in the Neo-Tropics for 12 years. With 27 and counting, 75+hour Permaculture Design Courses (PDC) in her portfolio, which encompasses earth sciences, regenerative strategies for human settlement design, community development and alternative social structuring.

Sarah also teaches workshops to young women about their physical and spiritual bodies in correspondence with lunar and planetary rhythms, and she teaches archetypal symbolism and storytelling for personal reflection via Tarot.

She founded and produced Medicines from the Edge: A Tropical Herbal Convergence (2014-2017), dedicated to bridging the eclectic healing traditions of Latin America. Sarah is a regular faculty member at the Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies, is a faculty member of the Permaculture Women’s Guild and a regular contributor to organizations such as NuMundo and United Plant Savers. She has studied with numerous leaders in the Western Herbalism renaissance, such as David Winston, Rosemary Gladstar, Paul Bergner, and 7Song and has worked in relief efforts in Guatemala and at Natural Doctor’s International on the island of Omatepe, Nicaragua.

Sarah lives off-the-grid half the year at her 2500 square meter homestead in the low mountains of Costa Rica, and the other half of the year in the near coastal mountains of the Marche region of Italy.

Village Witch

Micki A

Micki Weinberg is a filmmaker and writer based in Berlin. Born in Los Angeles, he graduated with a Bachelors degree from the University of California, Berkeley in 2004. He left the states for graduate studies at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, where he focused on intertextuality in ancient Jewish literature. He also studied Talmud at the Mir Yeshiva. Weinberg worked at Goldman Sachs from 2007-2010 in London and Switzerland. Since quitting in 2010, Weinberg has dedicated himself to making amends for his soul-selling time in the banking world through his work in avant-garde film, theater, and critical essay writing. Micki has been leading text-based study groups in Berlin and other cities since 2011. In 2018 Micki founded SHIUR in Berlin.


Alicia A

Alicia is a serial entrepreneur, with a passion for product, brand, design and culture.

Alicia is the founder and CEO of deep work-as-a-service platform Flown. Started during the first COVID lockdown, Flown is a “Peloton for work” offering live and on-demand content experiences - led by compelling personalities - to deliver focused results alongside a sense of accountability and community. Alicia’s vision is that we leverage the science around deep work and flow states so the way we think and work evolves to best enable human potential to flourish.

Prior to Flown, Alicia was the co-founder and CEO of Skimlinks, a platform helping publishers such as Buzzfeed, Conde Nast, Hearst, and Aol monetize their commerce-related content. Alicia started the company in her living room in Sydney, Australia, and over 11 years grew it to a $50m/year business based in London with operations in San Francisco and New York. Skimlinks was acquired by Connexity in 2020 (also during the first COVID lockdown!).

Alicia has also worked as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at firstminute and Breega Capital, trained as an Executive Coach, was the Chairman to Yourkeys (acquired by Zoopla in 2021), and an advisor and mentor to many startup founders.


Performance Line Up- The Experience Journey

We have curated some extraordinary experiences facilitated by leaders in their field. From sound journeys and ceremonies to deep connection spaces, Discovia will take you on a journey of the mind, body and spirit.

Julia Ab

Julia Singh is an alchemist of human connection on a mission to help others forge authentic relationships. She is the founder of Deep Talks - a Berlin-based community of leaders and creators who come together to explore some of life's big questions, share, listen, learn and get inspired by each other.

The magic, consistently uncovered by these gatherings, inspired Julia to start bringing Deep Talks format to other communities. She helps companies, brands and individuals worldwide to learn compassion communication and start conversations that really matter.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion in her home country Ukraine, she has started a project @VoicesofUkraine on Instagram. “Voices of Ukraine” is the space, where ordinary Ukrainians caught by war, share their stories. Without interpretation and forced agenda. Its intention is to show the reality and appeal to the people of the West and East to stop this terrible war right now.

During Discovia, Julia’s “Inspiration and Self-Discovery” session will help individuals from all walks of life connect authentically and hold space for a depth of conversation that’s often missing from daily life. Join her on Day 1 to get to know your fellow festival guests and uncover your own inner truth.

Deep Talks

Laor A

LAOR is a leading voice in the medicine music universe and her songs are sung and played in many  sacred circles and ceremonial music events around the globe. 

Laor has been researching the power of the human voice for the last 20 years. Her journey begun in  theatre, music and Yoga and later she has embarked on a life sailing through the oceans of  consciousness, medicine ceremonies and the creation of divine music and songs which help human  beings around the world to find great healing, freedom and a deeper understanding of their souls  and purpose.  

LAOR leads sacred circles, vocal-breath journeys and ceremonial concerts worldwide. Her voice is a unique instrument which brings warmth, depth and a new sense of celebration and  colors unified within our human emotions and pure love. 

Agradeço – the song after which her debut album is titled has been the closing song for the award  winning movie – Amaara – the song of the whales. 

Hymn to the soul, the last song of her album Agradeço has reached Israeli prime television as well as  thousands of people around the globe, evoking healing, love, heart opening and celebration. Gathering with Laor is a unique, awakening, inspiring and a one of a kind experience that touches  the depth of our souls and beings. Laor’s ability to inspire people to sing is a rare gift to our beings. Laor is truly a trubadoress of love, song and prayer in these unique times we live in. 

“Love is all we sing”

Laor Music

Tallulah r Ab

Tallulah Rendall is a world renowned Singer-Songwriter, Creative Facilitator, Qi Gong Teacher & Sound Therapist, empowering people through Qi Gong & Sound Meditation to connect to their creative expression and lead happier, healthier more embodied lives.


Ben Ab

Ben Moor is an award-winning writer and performer, producing and dramaturging numerous theatre pieces in the UK and Italy over a thirty year career. His solo stage work combines poetic language and heartfelt truths, with surreal comedy and idiosyncratic inventions, and has been compared to Lewis Carroll, Douglas Adams and Robert LePage. His screen credits include The Queen’s Gambit, The IT Crowd, and A Monster Calls. He has written for The Guardian and The Idler, and is the creator of the BBC Radio series Elastic Planet and Undone, and the author of the book More Trees to Climb.

Who Here's Lost

Chen A

Chen-Wei Lee is a Belgium based Taiwanese artist.
She is a freelance dancer, choreographer and Gaga teacher, and the holder of the 24th TECO Award for the art of dance.
She began her career as a dancer with Batsheva Dance Company in 2009-2014, and as a guest dancer at Gothenborgs Operas Danskompani in 2015-16, Tanztheater Wuppertal
Pina Bausch in 2017, VOETVOLK/Lisbeth Gruwez in 2017~present, Peeping Tom dance theater in 2020 August ~present.

As a choreographer she created several works. Her creation Together Alone in collaboration with Vakulya Zoltán is in the finalist for the Taishin Arts Award and Total Theater Award 2017, and well received from many medias with five stars review. Her solo work Black Box was selected as the most exciting and
creative work of the year by the Taipei Times, and her duet Elephant was reported the outstanding performance of the year by The Jerusalem Post. In 2019 her solo creation kNOwn FACE was commissioned and premiered in Taiwan International Festival of Arts, and is the finalist for the Taishin Arts Award 2020. In 2020 Oct her first group piece with 28 dancers UNFOLD UNPAID was commissioned by TNUA. And she extends her stage to the museum as well by the invitation from Taipei Fine Arts Museum, with the dance video 14 Kinds of Exercise with Endurance

And, as a Gaga teacher, she gives class and workshop all over the world in dance companies, dance academies, art center, art festival etc...

Chen-Wei Lee

Baba A

Reza Borghani or better known as baba Reza is a performer and a teacher of mindful whirling dance.

In 2007 the international year of Rumi, he traveled to Konya to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the birth of the great and mystic poet. Little did he know that this would be a turning point in his life.

Since then he has started a journey to rediscover himself from within. The mindful dance has changed his words, his actions and his thoughts.

Upon his return to Iran, he devoted his time to Sama. The ritual of the dance found his way in his mind naturally. Through the years of practice, he mastered the art of Sama and reinvented his own technique of this dance.

Reza’s technique is a dynamic meditation in which your body twirls round and round in harmony with the rhythm of your breath, leading your heart and your mind to unify. Reza describes achieving this level of consciousness through dance as like alignment of your physical self with your sun, a true enlightenment from within and beyond physical self.

The dance and its exhilarating power inspired Reza to create Jan Janan, an artistic group devoted to spreading the wisdom of mindful dance.

Baba Reza

Shihya Aa

Today we introduce you to contemporary dancer and performer Shihya Peng. Shihya incorporates different styles and schools in her performing style and teaching, from classical and contemporary ballet, to traditional Chinese dancing. Originally from Taiwan, she began dancing at the age of 8. In 2009 having received a scholarship, she moved to Utah, USA to study and work. There she obtained her Master's degree from the Department of Modern Dance at the University of Utah while teaching contemporary dance to non-major students at the University.

Throughout her career, Shihya has performed and taught at various locations around the world. In her dancing she has collaborated with Honji Wang and Sébastien Ramirez, François Chaignaud and Cecilia Bengolea, Collectif (LA) HORDE, Barbara Matijevic and Giuseppe Chico, River Lin, Karine Saporta, James Carlès, Julien Lestel, Chantal Loïal, Théâtre du Châtelet, and Opera of Marseilles among others. In her teaching, Shihya's philosophy is influenced by the Gaga technique, created by Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin, which emphasises movement quality, awareness of space, and consciousness of ourself and others.

Since 2012 Shihya is based in France where she continues to develop her dance and techniques through various projects. Currently, wishing to introduce the younger generation to dance she teaches contemporary dance classes in several high schools in Paris.

Shihya Peng


Dana McKeon is a Music Artist and Life Coach, bringing together the worlds of creative empowerment, masterful self-expression and purposeful connection.

Hailing from the island of Malta, Dana makes waves in the world through her signature blend of singing, guitar-playing and vocal percussion, where she pushes the boundaries of the human voice and organic sound exploration.

As a pioneering beatbox champion, ranked in the Female Top 5 at the World Beatbox Championships, Dana creates spell-binding vibrations of playful surprise - breaking down preconceptions in a way that inspires people to dream big and think outside the (beat)box.

Being a versatile touring artist, Dana has performed at high-profile events for the British Royal Family and large-scale concerts such as MTV Music Week, The London Paralympics, Lovebox Festival and The O2 London.

As well as having songwriting, performance and production credits on countless global TV spots, short films and Netflix shows, Dana has notably collaborated and shared the stage with renowned artists including Bruno Mars, Rudimental, John Newman, James Arthur and Stormzy.

Music Video


Mahilani A

Mahi is a Tantress Sex Magician, Urban Shaman & Professional Coach based in Los Angeles. She is also the CEO of Be Love Coaching, Inc an innovative, boutique coaching & consulting firm on mission to unite humanity through consciousness with love. After working in corporate America & technology start-ups for 17 years she decided to follow her lifes calling, to empower women to live their best most authentic, sex(y) lives through the art of Tantra (Sacred Sex).

mahilani akiona


Rascal or mocking birds, of an ardent or patient, idolatrous or jasmine scented love:

Assafir is a flock of birds whose impetuous ballet of digressing whirlwinds, tell the stories.

An atypical formation of oriental music, Assafir draws its repertoire from popular Greek music from Thrace and Pontus (Black Sea).
Carried by the oud, the qanun, the quarter-tone accordion, the clarinet, the percussions and the voice of the singer Clémence Gabrielidis, the music of Assafir celebrates joy and sadness, love and exile, and takes us into a trance.


Delphine A

Delphine Jungman is a choreographer and performer. She loves to work in a spontaneous way in situ, she will present a performance at the castle with three other performers.

Delphine is also a Gaga Teacher and is often sharing practice with people from very different backgrounds.

Delphine Jungman

Coming Soon Yellow


The Journey In Space

There will be 7 different spaces. Each space will host content and activities in a different area of life. For example, after taking a yoga class in the Physio-mental space, one might walk over to the Financial space to join a heated debate on Cryptocurrencies, after which they will pop in for a Sufi dance class in the Cultural-Spiritual space, only to end up in a blindfolded date experience at Familial-Relational, and so on so forth. A chess tournament at Intellectual might be followed by a fascinating workshop on peak performance in Professional and a wild dodgeball game at Societal.

In every space, we will also have one or more headliners, who we will share more about closer to the time.

Seven spaces that represent the 7 areas of life by iDiscover















The Journey In Time

Discovia is designed as a voyage of discovery and exploration, like an unfolding story full of serendipity. Each day will have a theme.

Each day, you will collect more friends and connect with more potential future collaborators. It will feel like a family that keeps expanding. Every evening will have its unique dress code and atmosphere.

Event Timeline



Evening DressCode:

'Dune' Book / Film Inspired Kimonos / Galabias


Theme /  Element:

Day 0 -
Thursday 26th

(Early) Arrivals and Grounding

As you are



Day 1 -
Friday 27th


White / Silver



Day 2 -
Saturday 28th


Black / Dark / Gold



Day 3 -
Sunday 29th

Service and Collaborations




Day 4 -
Monday 30th

Decompression AND MOMENTUM



5th Element

Recommended Dress Code items (You will also be able to purchase at the event)

Dress Code General theme: Dune - Galactic Nomads
Items: kimonos / galabias / ponchos / hats

Friday evening (Water) dress code:
White and silver
(look & feel: ethnic, traditional)

Saturday evening (Fire) dress code:
(look & feel: futuristic)

Sunday evening (Air & Earth) dress code:
Colourful kimonos/galabias/ponchos of all colours
and styles
(look & feel: bohemian, nature)

The Experience

The experience is one of immersive knowledge communication and intentional interactions in the form of a creative and playful journey through space and time.

Discovia is a celebration aimed at awakening our human potential. With this in mind, we designed it as a platform for our community and friends to coexist and inspire one another through art, spirituality, yoga, music, dance, performance, education, sustainability, and our fundamental connection with nature.


Food & Dining

Food in Discovia will be intentionally and carefully curated to enhance and enrich your experience. Friday and Saturday dinners will be celebrational. On Sunday we will have a special late Sunday roast.

We will source the majority of ingredients from local farms. Fruit, snacks, coffee, tea, and cold juice will be served 24/7. We will also hold a cash bar for other drinks.


Catering: Awakened Table

Our holistic integrative approach is designed to tune in to the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, allowing an organic healing process to naturally unfold. Our intention is to co-create a trusting connection and gently guide you through a highly personalized food and beverage programme, while providing you with useful life tools to return home with.





Art Installations
& Demos


Dining Experiences
& Tasting


& Group Activities


Live Music
& Performing Arts


& Think-Tanks


& Debates


& Showcases


& Classes

Ticket packages

The Full Experience Plus
Ticket Package - with Thursday Early Arrival

(Thursday to Monday)

5 Days / 4 Nights
Accommodation / Food /Activities included

  • Arrival: Doors open and room check in from Thursday 3pm
  • Departure: Room check out Monday 11am Pool Party Until 3pm

The Full Experience
Ticket Package - with Friday Arrival

(Friday to Monday)

4 Days / 3 Nights
Accommodation / Food /Activities included

  • Arrival: Doors open and room check in from Friday 10am
  • Departure: Room check out Monday 11am Pool Party Until 3pm

Part I Only -
Earth & Water
Ticket Package

(Thursday to Saturday)

3 Days / 2 Nights
Accommodation / Food /Activities included

  • Arrival: Doors open and room check in from Thursday 3pm
  • Departure: Room check out Saturday 11am Welcome to stay until 7pm

Part II Only -
Fire & Air
Ticket Package

(Saturday to Monday)

3 Days / 2 Nights
Accommodation / Food /Activities included

  • Arrival: Doors open Saturday from 10am and room check in from 3pm
  • Departure: Room check out Monday 11am Pool Party until 3pm

Accommodation Type Options



From £1,580 GBP

Includes summit pass,
food, and accommodation.


Château Rooms

From £1,980 GBP

Includes summit pass,
food, and accommodation.


Hotel Rooms

From £2,880 GBP

Includes summit pass,
food, and accommodation.


Glamping Double

Single Tent

  • One summit pass
  • Private tent with one bed set up (mattress, pillows, bedding & basic furniture)
  • Shared camping toilets with separate showers
  • Bath towels NOT provided

The Full Experience Plus / 5 days
(Thursday to Monday)
£3980 pp
The Full Experience / 4 days
(Friday to Monday)
£3680 pp
Part I Only - Earth & Water / 3 days
(Thursday to Saturday)
£2380 pp
Part II Only - Fire & Air / 3 days
(Saturday to Monday)
£2480 pp

Glamping Double

Double / Twin Tent
(For couples or sharing with one other person)

  • One summit pass
  • Private tent with one double or two twin beds set up (mattress, pillows, bedding & basic furniture)
  • Shared camping toilets with separate showers
  • Bath towels NOT provided

The Full Experience Plus / 5 days
(Thursday to Monday)
£3280 pp
The Full Experience / 4 days
(Friday to Monday)
£2980 pp
Part I Only - Earth & Water / 3 days
(Thursday to Saturday)
£1880 pp
Part II Only - Fire & Air / 3 days
(Saturday to Monday)
£1980 pp

Glamping Single

Shared Tent

  • One summit pass
  • Single beds or shared double beds in a shared tent (mattress, pillows, bedding & basic furniture). Max comfortable capacity: 4 people.
  • Shared camping toilets with separate showers
  • Bath towels NOT provided

The Full Experience Plus / 5 days
(Thursday to Monday)
£2780 pp
The Full Experience / 4 days
(Friday to Monday)
£2480 pp
Part I Only - Earth & Water / 3 days
(Thursday to Saturday)
£1580 pp
Part II Only - Fire & Air / 3 days
(Saturday to Monday)
£1680 pp

Château Rooms

Chateau Double

Double / Twin Room
(For couples or sharing with one other person)

  • One summit pass
  • Private room with one double or two twin beds
  • Ensuite private bath or shower
  • Bedding and one set of bath towels per person

The Full Experience Plus / 5 days
(Thursday to Monday)
£4230 pp
The Full Experience / 4 days
(Friday to Monday)
£3980 pp
Part I Only - Earth & Water / 3 days
(Thursday to Saturday)
£2230 pp
Part II Only - Fire & Air / 3 days
(Saturday to Monday)
£2380 pp

Chat_Single_Sold O
Chateau Shared

Shared Room

  • One summit pass
  • Single beds or shared double beds in a shared room (max room capacity: 4 people)
  • Shared corridor shower
  • Bedding and one set of bath towels

The Full Experience Plus / 5 days
(Thursday to Monday)
£3230 pp
The Full Experience / 4 days
(Friday to Monday)
£2980 pp
Part I Only - Earth & Water / 3 days
(Thursday to Saturday)
£1980 pp
Part II Only - Fire & Air / 3 days
(Saturday to Monday)
£2180 pp

Hotel Rooms

Group 402
Hotel Single

Single Room

  • One summit pass
  • Private room with one small double bed
  • Ensuite private bath or shower
  • Bedding and one set of bath towels
  • Shuttle service to/from Chateau

The Full Experience Plus / 5 days
(Thursday to Monday)
£4380 pp
The Full Experience / 4 days
(Friday to Monday)
£4180 pp
Part I Only - Earth & Water / 3 days
(Thursday to Saturday)
£2880 pp
Part II Only - Fire & Air / 3 days
(Saturday to Monday)
£3080 pp

Group 403


Applications for June 2024 will open nearer the time. If you wish to register your interest, please use the form at the top of this page.

Or with:



Depending on when your willingness to travel or availability changes, there are a few options for you:

On or before Feb 28, 2022
£500 Transfer to another iDiscover product/service/event (non-refundable).
Remainder Transfer or refund.

On or before Mar 31, 2022
Whole amount Transfer to another iDiscover product/service/event (non-refundable).

From April 1 2022
Tickets will not be refundable or transferable to another product/service/event, as a vast majority of our expenses occur way before the event takes place.


We are optimistic and confident that Discovia 2022 will happen as intended. We however understand that a lot can change between now and May 2022, and we want you to feel confident that your purchase today will always hold value for you. 

In the event that Discovia 2022 is postponed, your ticket will be automatically transferred to the new festival date. If you are unable to reschedule your plans in accordance to the new date you will be able to transfer your ticket to a different iDiscover service or ask for a refund.

If you are an Alumnus/a or Guest contributing to the event, and you are happy to transfer your ticket to a new date, that same exchange will be transferred along with your ticket. In the event you prefer to transfer your ticket to a different iDiscover service, your exchange will be rediscussed depending on the service you choose.


The iDiscover Admissions team (and if you are a Contributor, the Discovia Curator) will process your application in confidentiality and upon approval, you will receive an email with booking details from Admissions, no later than 10 calendar days after your submission. The email will contain your pass price as well as your Booking Period, during which your spot remains reserved in anticipation of payment. You will be able to use the payment details provided, to make a transfer and thus complete your booking and permanently reserve your spot. Please ensure funds reach us before or on the last day of your Booking Period, as after that we might need to release your spot to manage demand. Admissions will send you a reminder to make sure you don't miss the Booking Period end, as we don't want you to miss the opportunity to be with us and/or enjoy your preferred accommodation option!

If you are sharing a room or glamping tent with someone else, we will kindly ask you to forward them the application link and get them to apply as soon as possible.

You can always reply back to the Admissions team and ask them any questions you might have once you receive the original Booking Details email. 


Unfortunately no. Please read about our refund policy above (Question 1 and 2). Discovia is an event with limited availability, and priority will be given to iDiscover Alumni and their plus-ones. Everyone who wishes to join us needs to apply on the Discovia website, and wait for written confirmation by the iDiscover team. Applying does not guarantee admission to the event. 


The event programme is not designed for under-18. If you are unable to find childcare and this is preventing you from joining us at DISCOVIA, please feel free to speak with our admissions team. We can work with you in finding solutions to accommodate your needs at the event.  


The event programme officially starts on Friday 27th of May at 9AM, and ends on Monday 30th of May at 1PM.

Check-in and check-out opening times are subject to change:

  • On Friday 27th, doors will open between 8AM and 9PM.
  • On Monday 30th, we politely ask you to pack and leave your accommodation by 11:00AM.
  • EARLY ARRIVALS can join from Thursday 26th of May at 2PM.

We recommend checking our shuttle times before booking your train and/or flights.


An HOURLY shuttle from/to the closest train station in Joigny and the Château du Feÿ is available to all guests. To help us maximise this service, we recommend checking our shuttle times before booking your train and/or flights.

- THURS 26th: Every hour between 3pm - 6pm
- FRI 27th and SAT 28th: Every hour between 9am - 5pm
- SUN 29th: Every hour between 11am - 3pm
- MON 30th: Every hour between 10am - 3pm

For anyone arriving or departing outside of these times, even though we'll do our best to accommodate them we cannot guarantee ground transportation from/to the train station. In this case guests will have to make their own way to the Château du Feÿ / Joigny train station.

For the guests staying at one of the hotels off site, there are daily shuttles in between the venue and your accommodation. We cannot guarantee local transportation for guests who book their own accommodation outside of the prearranged Discovia hotels.



All accommodations have comfortable bedding and basic toiletry. Towels are provided only at the rooms in the Château and at the hotels. If you wish to stay in the glamping area, please remember to bring your own towels. It’s also possible to rent additional towels at the venue.

All glamping tents come with solar lights and power sockets to charge your phones and tablets, as well as rails and hangers to hang your clothes. Glamping tents have real mattresses, not inflatables. Additional showers and toilets can also be found in the glamping area.

Brunch and all-day refreshments will be served daily at the Château, followed by themed seated dinners. Limited open bar during dinner. A cash bar is also available outside of mealtimes. For guests staying in hotels, breakfast is not included as we encourage everyone to join the brunch at the Château.

Transport from/to the closest train station, and pre-approved off-site hotels (set times only). Please check the FAQ about our Shuttle Services.


What to bring:

- European power adaptors
- Torch / flashlight
- Refillable water bottle
- Comfy shoes
- Warm clothes for the evening
- Swimwear (there is a pool)
- Athleisure wear (morning yoga)
- Yoga mat


Recommended Dress Code items (You will also be able to purchase at the event)

Dress Code General theme: Dune - Galactic Nomads
Items: kimonos / galabias / ponchos / hats

Friday evening (Water) dress code:
White and silver
(look & feel: ethnic, traditional)

Saturday evening (Fire) dress code:
(look & feel: futuristic)

Sunday evening (Air & Earth) dress code:
Colourful kimonos/galabias/ponchos of all colours
and styles
(look & feel: bohemian, nature)



The weather around Joigny is normally very mild during the day and fresh at night. Chances of rain during this period of the year are very small but come prepared for a sprinkle.

27°C during the day
15°C at night

Precipitation: 12%
Humidity: 61%
Wind: 4 mph


We encourage you to think about the most eco-friendly way to arrive at Château du Feÿ.

The nearest town to Château du Feÿ is Joigny and from there it's a 15 min ride by taxi or a shuttle.

By Train from Paris to Joigny:

Once you are in Paris, Château du Feÿ (closest train station Joigny) is located 1h20 by direct train (TER) from Gare de Lyon or Paris Bercy stations in Paris. Trains run approx. every hour to Joigny.

You can purchase your tickets here with SNCF.

Gare de Lyon & Paris Bercy train stations are a 10 mins walk or a few mins cab journey from each other. It's up to you which station & train time suits your overall travel schedule.

**We recommend that you check train times before you book your flight/Eurostar travel. Please make sure you leave plenty of time between your travel from the airport or the Eurostar to make your transit from Gare du Lyon / Paris Bercy to Joigny.

Shuttles from Joigny to Château du Fey:

An HOURLY shuttle from/to the closest train station, Joigny and the Château du Feÿ is available to all guests. This will be approx. a 15 min ride. To help us maximise this service, we recommend checking our shuttle times before booking your train and/or flights.

- THURS 26th: Every hour between 3pm - 6pm
- FRI 27th and SAT 28th: Every hour between 9am - 5pm
- SUN 29th: Every hour between 11am - 3pm
- MON 30th: Every hour between 10am - 3pm

Taxi from Joigny Station to Château du Fey:

For anyone arriving or departing outside of the shuttle times, please use the following taxi services that need to be contacted at least a few hours in advance to guarantee availability for you when you arrive at Joigny. This will be an approx. 15 min ride.

Karimi Salim: +33 6 50 64 25 30

A&H Taxi Joigny: +33 6 79 61 50 32

Day time: €20 - €25
Night time: €25 - €30

** Something to note is that the taxi services do not speak English, but you can whatsapp them in advance and they will be able to translate and reply in English.

By plane:

The closest commercial airports are Paris Orly, ORY (1.5h by car) or Roissy Charles De Gaulle Airport, CDG (2h by car). Or, you can land at nearby Joigny's airport, LFGK.

Roissy Charles De Gaulle Airport is 55mins - 1hr (approx.) by public transport from Gare de Lyon and Paris Bercy stations (for your train connection to Joigny), or 50 to 60mins by taxi depending on traffic.

Paris Orly Airport is 45mins by public transport from Gare de Lyon and Paris Bercy stations or 30mins by taxi depending on traffic.

By Eurostar:

The Eurostar arrives at station Paris Gare Du Nord, which is located 20mins by public transport from both Paris Bercy or Gare de Lyon. By taxi, it can take around 30 depending on traffic.

By car (or car-share):

Château du Feÿ is just 1h30 from Paris on the A6. Simply take exit 18 towards Joigny, then drive 15km before taking the turning for Villecien. There is plenty of onsite parking space for guests.

By Helicopter:

You can land on the fields next to the Château. If this is your preferred travel option, please let us know in advance as we need to organise your landing.


Generally speaking, pets and animals are not accepted inside the festival at any time. However, if this prevents you from participating in the event, please let our iDiscover team know. We might be able to make very few exceptions for small dogs for guests who book a private room or tent.

Dogs who have been granted access will need to be with their owners at all times, and you will be responsible for cleaning after them.